All Alchemist Tattoo Artists charge on an hourly basis at $150 an hour.
Tattoos are done by scheduling an appointment.  

Cartilage/Nose/Eyebrow/Navel/Oral/Nipple/Surface Piercing fee is $30 for the first, and $10 for each additional.  (jewelry is extra)

Female Genital/Male Genital piercing fee is $50 for the first, $20 for the second and $10 for each additional.  (jewelry is extra)

Earlobes are a $30 piercing fee for the set. (jewelry is extra)


We DO offer earlobe piercings for children under the age of 16, but we do not pierce infants.

We require that the child be able to consent and sit on their own during the procedure.

The City of Bismarck Requires some form of identification/proof of guardianship for the minor such as birth certificate, school ID, etc. To determine whether you have qualifying identification please call the studio.

Piercings are done on a walk-in basis, but we can make appointments as well if that works best for your schedule.